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Our Automotive Parts Solution 

Our Mobile  Apps

• Add customers to the programme

• See programme news, promotions and special offers

• Track purchase behaviour and view recent redemptions

Multi-channel Engagement Platform

• Promotional sales tools for Dealers and OEMs

• Quarterly publication, print run 7500+

• Ranked as the leading trade magazine
(Survey conducted by Honda, 2016)

40% + average open rate vs 13% industry average

• Data analytics for targeted marketing

• Mailchimp Intergration

• In-house design service

• Find and connect with local and national suppliers to earn more reward points

• Track their points balance and redemptions

• Get instant notifications on new deals, promotions and competitions

Genuine Article

Email Direct Marketing

Our App for Members

End to end facilitation of Growth Campaigns

Honda Take me to Japan 5

Travel Incentive with minor prize draws monthly

  • 5th consecutive year running

  • Take me to Japan – Scratch Cards Promotion

  • 18% growth Y.O.Y achieved

Mazda Promotion

Stretch Campaign targeting 20% lift in Trade Spend over Prior Year

  •  Triple Points Incentive with Product Bonus Draws           incl Leadfoot Prize

  •  18% growth Y.O.Y achieved

  •  > 60% open rate on Emails

Our B2E APP Solution

Have you ever wanted a tech solution that allowed you to reward employees for their loyalty, sales performance, or achievement of specific targets.

  • Launch your very own personalised employee/dealership benefits programme to your brand network
  • Reward Sales, Service and Parts staff within your dealer network with points and encourage the behaviours you want from them
  • Create a direct communication channel to your network and share specific product content, personal messaging, exact feedback i.e. NPS
  • Automatically send personalised incentives to encourage a booking based on customer history
  • Surprise and Delight your network with complete Marketing Automation i.e. The system automatically sends your employees at the dealership on their birthday

GetGenuine has become an integral part of our sales and marketing strategy for the trade customer segment of the automotive market. We continue to see strong growth, high levels of engagement and great return on investment through the GetGenuine programme.

Ford Promotion

Stretch Campaign targeting 20% lift in Trade Spend over Prior Year

  • Triple Points Incentive with Product Bonus Draws

  • > 50% open rate on emails

  • 28% growth Y.O.Y acheived

Rewards Catalogue

We deliver a Summer and Winter Catalogue to all our members (your customers), showcasing the latest technology, great brands and the most popular products from New Zealand's leading suppliers.

We provide you with a level of unique data intimacy on your customers, enabling you to make informed and measured decisions. Strategies can be formulated based on customer behaviour and segmented marketing will target the right customers with messages that are impactful and achieve cut-through.

Business Intelligence Dashboards

Target Dealership Sales and Aftersales Teams Using Our Influence Platform

• Access customer accounts and contacts

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers using the GetGenuine GetRewards programme. With behavioural insights at your fingertips, it's the ultimate tool to drive business growth.

• Communicate directly with customers via instant notifications.

A quicker and easier way for your customers to make the most out of their membership. Your customers can:

Facilitated by Smart Loyalty | Part of Marque Group

Fixed Operations Manager
Ford New Zealand


of the GetGenuine GetRewards Programme

This chart showcases Honda's trade position both before and after partnering with the GetGenuine GetRewards programme.

Without industry rewards programme

With industry rewards programme

Strength in Numbers

The Genuine Counter-Punch

For Partners (OEMs + Dealerships)

The programme provides a behavioural change tool, utilising the element of personal reward to generate loyalty. We have created an engagement platform to deliver highly personalised messaging for our automotive brands, offering them rich customer buying activity and behavioural intelligence data to drive retention, growth and acquisition.

GetGenuine brings together our brand partners, as one team, with a common objective. Through these strategic partnerships, we have developed a proactive industry response to counter the non-genuine market, with both total programme and brand-specific solutions.

We realise that the parts environment differs from brand to brand. The strength of the programme comes in our ability to harness the collective sharing and contribution of strategies and ideas across these major automotive brands.

An advantage for you

GetGenuine fosters trade customer loyalty. An effective loyalty programme is your counter-punch to retaining your customers, acquiring new customers and growing overall sales.

It’s about your bottom line

Ultimately, an effective loyalty programme is not about trade customers earning points and redeeming rewards. It is about building and enhancing customer relationships, and showing them a level of customer service that exceeds their expectations: a marketing technique that will help keep your customers loyal. The programme gives you the opportunity to gain a higher calibre of new customers, with an excellent lifetime value to your business.

Launched in 2007, GetGenuine is an automotive trade rewards programme that utilises the power of collective automotive brands working together to incentivise the trade to purchase genuine parts. GetGenuine was created to provide manufacturers with an exclusive point of difference over the aftermarket. GetGenuine is a world first in the automotive industry and provides a unique platform for over 30 automotive brands to acquire new trade business, whilst strengthening existing customer relationships and motivating them to spend more.

For Members

It’s a simple process for GetGenuine members. They simply spend, earn, and redeem. Members earn points from our partnered businesses, which are then pooled into the one account and used to redeem their choice of reward. Our point of difference is that we give GetGenuine members the power to decide precisely what they want to spend their points on: they can choose virtually any reward they want*! Members can also redeem from the hundreds of rewards we have on offer in our catalogues, or thousands of rewards featured in our online Rewards Shop. 

Our App for Partners